Capital and Finance

We finance the large-scale construction of affordable homes, providing developers who align with our vision with enough capital to bridge the housing gap in various locations across the country. We have worked in partnership with various state governments to provide good quality homes to large numbers of  low-income Nigerians, civil servants and small business owners.


Homeownership Assistance

We realise that even with the lowest-priced homes, affordability is still a problem for many Nigerians due to the inability to access finance at affordable rates. There is also the informal sector who cannot access traditional finance easily. Through strategic partnerships, we are driving creative products which empower these groups with the right structure that leads to homeownership


Education and Advocacy

In line with our vision to create jobs, we must ensure the human capital are well-equipped to carry out their jobs efficiently. Together with our partners, we train people with technical know-how and innovative mindset to build required to build affordable. We have provided more than 20,000 jobs across the nation providing families with livelihood. We have also dedicated resources to ensure that Nigerians are mortgage-literate through our mortgage education series. Through this, Nigerians are equipped with enough information to know their financial positions and how best to access mortgages or other forms of home financing.