Help to Own contributes 40% of the total cost of new homes for low-middle income individuals as a loan

Help to Own is a Home Loans assistance initiative of Family Homes Funds Limited that allows you to buy a new home by contributing only a 10% deposit rather than the traditional 20% deposit. The remaining 90% is funded by our mortgage partners.

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Who can apply?

Step by Step Guide

  • Get a property you want to purchase and agree on sales terms.
  • Fill out and submit the expression of interest forms to any participating primary mortgage institutions available to you. The mortgage institution will carry out a financial assessment which will determine your eligibility on the property.
  • Provide all necessary account opening documents as requested by your primary mortgage institution.
  • Deposit the 10% equity contribution for your home to your primary mortgage institution.
  • After all conditions have been met, our Primary mortgage partner and Family Homes Funds Ltd puts up 90% of the cost of the home and hands over the keys to you.