Affordable Housing Fund

Affordable Housing Fund is a product of the Family Homes Funds that aims to support the development of up to 500,000 Homes targeted at people on low income over the next 5 years. Towards achievement of this goal, we will work in partnership with public and private sector developers by providing competitively priced direct financing – both debt or equity to finance projects that meet our strategic objectives.

What costs do we finance?

  • Building Construction works.
  • Associated Infrastructure including Estate Roads, Water, Sewage and Power.
  • External Works and Landscaping.
  • FHFL will not generally provide finance for land acquisition and associated costs or third party professional fees.

How does it work?

  • Eligible organisations apply for finance.
  • Proposals are assessed by FHFL for eligibility and viability.
  • HFL responds with proposal outcome.

Who is eligible for financing?

  • Our potential partners will be either public
    or private sector corporates including
    co-operatives with credible track record of building homes.
  • Organisations with innovative solutions to meeting the housing needs of Nigerians on low income.
  • Housing projects that have measurable development impact, particularly creation of new jobs.
  • Partners who meet all our eligibility requirements.