We invest in structures  to create the conditions for hard-working Nigerian families to secure their own homes.
We do this because affordable homes not only provide a fundamental human right, providing families with the right environment to thrive and a greater overall sense of living but it is also a major driver of national growth.



Registered in 2017 and commencing operations in 2018, the Family Homes Funds is Sub-Sahara Africa’s largest housing fund focused on affordable homes for Nigerians on low income. It is a social housing initiative promoted by the Federal Government of Nigeria as part of its Social Intervention Programme with initial shareholding by the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority.

Over the next 4years, the company aims to invest up to N1.3trn (US$3bn) in the development of 500,000 homes for people on low income. In the process, the Company also aims to create up to 1,500,000 jobs and enable homeownership through its creative products.

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Our Vision

The vision of the Family Homes Funds Limited (FHFL) is to use housing to improve the living standards of Nigerians on low income by building quality homes, providing home ownership financing solutions and creating jobs through the process.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to commit our capital, a skilled and passionate team, and work with partners to drive initiatives that provide lasting solutions for the provision of home ownerships for Nigerians on low income. We will ensure that we are focused, have excellent processes and remain accountable to our stakeholders.

Our Values

Sustainable Impact

We seek to make impact in the lives of people and in the country. We keep our target beneficiaries at the core of what we do and ensure that our products and solutions will suit their interests and needs. We understand the enormity of our mandate and our approach is to continually and actively seek holistic and innovative solutions within the social housing space that will ensure that low income families have decent homes, and decent jobs are created.

Financially Viable

As a Fund, our finances are at the core of who we are. We will ensure that we have systems in place to spur our financial viability. This will include the active mobilisation and efficient usage of funds, as well as instituting effective financial controls that signal FHFL as a responsible organisation with strong ethics. This will position us to be a go-to organisation that financiers can partner with and will spur approval of funding requests.

Well Governed

We thrive to excel in everything we do through a proper and clear governance structure. We will have high levels of accountability, transparent processes, and be good stewards of the funds we manage. We develop processes that enable us to be organised, systematic and achieve quality and speed in our work. We will also integrate internationally recognised standards in all our processes and engagements to ensure we provide exceptional products and services to all our stakeholders.


We place great value on our people as individuals and as a team. We invest in optimizing the contribution of each individual and the benefits we achieve by working together. We will ensure that FHFL is an organisation with a diverse and representative group of people, who are proud of and happy to work at FHFL.


At FHFL, we recognise that we cannot achieve our goals on our own. We therefore develop relationships and partner with organisations whose experience, expertise, resources and capacity complement ours to achieve our desired outcome.