We Invest In Affordable Homes. We Create Jobs. We are Improving the Quality of Life of Nigerians

We invest in the structures  to create the conditions for hard-working Nigerian families to secure their own homes.
We do this because affordable homes not only provide a fundamental human right, providing families with the right environment to thrive and a greater overall sense of living but it is also a major driver of national growth.

Registered in 2017 and commencing operations in 2018, the Family Homes Funds is Sub-Sahara Africa’s largest housing fund focused on affordable homes for Nigerians on low income. It is a social housing initiative promoted by the Federal Government of Nigeria as part of its Social Intervention Programme with initial shareholding by the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority.

Over the next 4years, the company aims to invest up to N1.3trn (US$3bn) in the development of 500,000 homes for people on low income. In the process, the Company also aims to create up to 1,500,000 jobs and enable homeownership through its creative products.

Our Values

  • Sustainability

    We respect the environment, being careful to ensure that in every area of our work we consider the environmental impact of decisions, as we strive to build a business that will provide affordable homes for families and leave a low carbon footprint.

  • Human Development

    We invest in our people & the communities we work in to align our dreams and achieve prosperity together through job creation, construction and management skills acquisition trainings.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    We believe that our business is more than housing … We are changing lives across Nigeria and we hold ourselves to high levels of responsibility and transparency in administering both our finances and partner funds.

  • Relationships

    We are passionate about our relationship with our customers, clients and communities ensuring that our business relationships are conducted with highest level of integrity and professionalism and love.

Information Pack

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