Rental Housing Fund

By June 2019,we will launch a social housing rental housing fund to provide affordable housing opportunities for Nigerians on very low wages but secure employment.The cost of monthly rentals will typically not exceed 40% of household income and beneficiaries will have an option to buy at any time they are able to do so.

Many Nigerians on low income are unable to buy a home either because they do not have sufficient savings for a deposit or are currently unable to meet requirements for a mortgage.The Family Homes Funds intends to set up a Rental Housing Fund to give Nigerians on low income a first step on the housing ladder by June 2019. When the Fund is launched, eligible beneficiaries will be able to lease a decent home for a monthly cost not exceeding 40% of their household income including a option to buy the home at any anytime. Further details about the scheme will be published in March 2019.